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Do It Yourself Home Improvement Made Easy

Personal Architect helps you tackle any remodeling project with easy-to-use design tools and a vast library of building materials. Simply ‘point and click’ to sketch out walls and insert doors, windows and openings. Lay out cabinets, plumbing and electrical fixtures in seconds and have fun customizing your space with furniture, appliances, lighting, accessories, and more. Unleash your creativity as you apply custom paint, fabric and finishes to elements. Visualize and walk through your new space in brilliant 3D!

Easy Home Modeling
Import an existing floor plan and trace over the walls or use the House Builder Wizard to quickly build a starter shell for you.
Draw auto-connecting exterior and interior walls in seconds! Dynamic on-screen dimensions show you the length of a wall as you draw it.
Point and click to insert a wide variety of doors including garage, sliding, bi-fold, and French doors.
Choose from an extensive selection of windows including casement, sliding, hung, bay, bow, louvered and custom-shaped windows.
Show the location of electrical, plumbing and HVAC elements in your design — even create wiring diagrams.
Custom Interiors
Drop in cabinets, furniture, appliances, lighting and other elements to create the perfect space.
Custom Finishes
Infuse your space with your personal style using paint, fabric and finishes of choice. Choose from hundreds of different finishes in the materials library, or import digital photos of materials you’ve seen at stores.
3D Visualization
See what your home or room will actually look like before demolition or construction begins. View from different angles and vantage points, and walk through your 3D model as if you were actually in it.
Renderings and Animations
Add even more fun and realism to your design experience with stunning 3D RealView™ renderings and recordable virtual walkthroughs.
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