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Personal Architect Feature List

Personal Architect Home & Landscape
 3D Modeling and Design
Walls, doors, windows and openings
Floors and ceilings, sloped, coffered and cathedral
Roofs of all shapes, and styles, dormers, skylights
Stairs and railings
House, kitchen, bath, deck, foundation and shed Wizards
Columns and footings
Custom catalogs including leading manufacturers
Cabinets, Appliances, Furniture, Plumbing
Electrical, Electronics, Lighting, Electrical wiring
HVAC and equipment
Plant Encyclopedia containing 7500 plants, trees, and shrubs
Deck design, Fences and Gates
Fills, Edging, Irrigation
Site boundary tool
Exterior lighting, furnishings, accessories
3D terrain such as hills, berms, plateaus, slopes
Pads and patios
3D Presentations Tools
3D viewing and navigating
High quality 3D Real View rendering
Dynamic cutaway section
Movie Maker animation tools
Stereo Vision view - View with 3D glasses
Analysis Tools
Measure tool
Area / Perimeter calculator
Room area calculation
File Support
Import / export bmp, jpg, tga
VRML export
Sketchup SKP import and export
DXF import and export
Plan Annotation
Text and labels
Plan dimensions
Room dimensions
Text with leaders
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