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Deck & Landscape

Create the Outdoor Space You’ve Always Wanted

Personal Architect makes it so easy to add beauty and function to the exterior of your home. Import a photo of your house if you like and just ‘point and click’ to insert decks, patios, pools, hot tubs, gazebos, pathways, lighting, and more. Create garden areas in any size and shape and have fun filling them with a variety of different plants, trees and shrubs. Design in 2D or 3D and easily turn a plain yard into a
personal oasis where you can eat, play and relax!


Decks & Patios
Have the handy Deck Builder Wizard build a deck or patio for you instantly, or ‘point and click’ to create a custom shape and style. Snap on a set of stairs that auto-extend to the terrain or another level — no calculations necessary.




Fences & Gates
Point and click to draw a fence in your choice of wood, stone or concrete. Pop in a matching or complementary gate with a single mouse click.
Sheds & Gazebos
Have the handy Shed Builder Wizard build a complete shed for you instantly, or insert a variety of pre-made sheds, gazebos, screened rooms, and more.
Pools, Hot Tubs & Play Structures
Swim, play and relax in your dream backyard! Just click to insert a pool, hot tub, jungle gym, sandbox, tennis court, and more.
Furniture & Accessories
Add function and comfort to your outdoor space with a variety of chairs, benches, tables, umbrellas, swings, hammocks, BBQs and even earth-friendly wind-turbines. Add your own decorative touches with arbors, trellises, fountains, planters, outdoor fireplaces, and much more.
Lighting and Irrigation
Add lighting to pathways and gardens and insert pop-up sprinklers with a simple mouse click.
Gardens & Ponds
Easily create soil-filled or mulched garden beds and become a virtual gardener as you add trees, shrubs and plants to your plan. Edge around beds or create retaining walls that stabilize and beautify. Add a great water feature by drawing a pond in any shape and size.
3D Visualization
Instantly see what your new exterior looks like in stunning 3D. View from different angles and vantage points, walk around the property, create stunning renderings – even record a virtual tour!
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