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3D Presentations

Bring Your Ideas to Life in Stunning 3D

Just click a button to instantly switch from 2D plan view to 3D and get a true feel for the space you are creating and play around with different design ideas. Use a variety of 3D navigation tools to move through your 3D scene and view it from different vantage points. Want to make a lasting impression? A mouse click is all it takes to generate vivid, photo-like renderings using Personal Architect’s advanced 3D RealView™ technology. For the ultimate in virtual reality, record and play customized walkthroughs complete with sounds, music or voiceovers.

3D QuickView
View your 3D model instantly from a variety of pre-set orthogonal angles.


3D Camera View
See what your model looks like as if you are actually standing there! Select a pre-defined camera to look through or point and click to insert one anywhere in the plan. Adjust the camera height and view angle to get different perspectives.
Dynamic Cutaway
While in a 3D view, use the slider to peel back your model from any direction to see what’s inside.
3D Navigation
Use navigation tools like Walk Around, Look Around, Fly Around and Slide to move around your 3D model and focus on areas of interest.
3D RealView™ Rendering
Advanced radiosity technology makes it possible to create ultra-realistic, high-quality renderings that show light and shadows.
Movie Maker
Take a virtual tour through your 3D model and record it to an AVI file. Creating a movie is a snap – simply draw a line in the 2D plan for the camera to follow, click ‘Play’ to preview the movie, then click ‘Save’ to record it.
3D Stereo View
Slip on a pair of 3D glasses and be prepared to enter another dimension!
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